COD: Ghosts HazMat Reskin

Me Again,
I still need someone to help reskin a model.
It’s about the Hazmat guy from Call of Duty: Ghosts.

If someone could alter the model by replacing the suit color to white and adding a red Black Mesa logo on the right side of the chest, so it looks similar the hazmat scientists from Opposing Force, that would be greatly appreciated!

Links to the Hazmat Model:

Black Mesa Hazmat Reference image:

Couldn’t you just subscribe to the mod to download it, extract the files from the .GMA, and then alter the textures yourself? This doesn’t really seem like something that would require a lot of work, so something like Photoshop or GIMP would make easy work of this. All you’d have to do is take the grey texture, brighten it a bit, and then slap on the red Lambda logo.

i’ll try later on maybe

What program do you use to extract the files and how do you hex them later?

I use GMadExtractor, but you won’t need to hex the models; they’re already compiled for GMod, so you can literally just swap out one of the existing texture files or make the appropriate edits to the .VMTs to include it as one of the skingroups for the model.

What kind of edits do I need to make to the .VMT files?

Edit: I just tried using Gmad Extractor but no program I have, including Photoshop, can view the file (It’s a standard VMT file)

Although I may not have actually found the a specific “texture” file I think they might be separated by body part.

Just examine the structure of the .VMT files and see what it does for skingrouping. If anything, you’ll learn the pattern that it follows, and you’ll be able to copy-paste and modify one of the segments for the .VMT to add your particular skin to the mix.

Which program do I use to examine the files? The Gmad Extractor? It says the file type is not supported for previewing.

Am I supposed to open and edit one of the files in materials/models or in models?

GMadExtractor is only meant for extracting the files, so trying to preview anything with it won’t work. If you want to preview the .VTF files or work on the .VMT files, you can use VTFEdit to do so; VTFEdit will allow you to view .VTF files as you would in Photoshop or GIMP (minus the editing options), and you can also use it to create new .VMT files/edit existing .VMT files. You’d still have to use Photoshop or GIMP to actually edit the .VTF files directly, assuming you have the right plug-ins for either one you use.

You can find the .VMT and .VTF files for the models in the materials/models/etc. folders, as per custom when working on anything in the Source engine.

I made this in four minutes.

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Do you think you could upload it to the workshop so the community can better access it?

I released it to the Facepunch community, not the workshop community.

Fair enough.