Cod mw2 - all models in the game

I know all the COD MW2 models that people hexed it to GMOD and CSS, btw they did very good on those! great job!

but all I see is PART of the game models, meaning (no intention of bragging), I see not all the models such as General Shepard, Captain Price, I know theres also more variations of the Rangers and Shadow Company, Corporal Dunn, Sgt. (I forgot his name), Brazilians, etc.

I know its very hard work, I thank you all, if this seems impossible task, can someone tell me how to get these models to gmod (step by step)?

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Give it some time. Not even everything out of CoD4 has been ported yet.

can you show me how to port COD MW2 Models to Gmod?

is there a tutorial on those game (COD engines)