CoD MW2 Cpt. Price Model

Hi, congratulations for the wonderful site, full of mdl models; I find an cod modern warfare 2 models on site, but I wish to find models of “capitain Price” and “Shepard”.
I not have CouterStrike, this models I wish to use in an 3dsMax animation (I found how to import mdl models into 3dsMax).

I have extracted the content but I have sound, video, textures and maps geometry but where are the characters model? I don’t know how find and extract them.
You have suggest?
Thanks for any response, bye

ps. sorry for any english error and if I posted on wrong section.

You’re gonna get banned for those warez

Very New User Indeed.

ok I corrected the post, thanks

yes, sorry.
but exist an rules for forum? I can’t find. bye

Because its not at the top of the fuckings forums.