CoD MW2 Cpt. Price model

Hi, (I have found now this section, sorry).
My request (if is possible) is the model to Capitain Price from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2; and the model of Colonel Shepard (optionally).
I not have CouterStrike, this models I wish to use in an 3dsMax animation (I found how to import mdl models into 3dsMax).
Many Thanks. bye

Wow, how about you search on before requesting something already done.

thanks for link; but I try to download, login with my account steam and the site require Garry’sMod, I don’t have it :frowning:
please you can download for me?
I wish only MDL models to import in 3dsMax.
Thanks for all. bye

This section is for requesting a model to be ported, not for somebody to find models for you


-whops did not read so good, my bad-

No, he doesn’t have illegal GMod, he just doesn’t have it at all. He mistook this section for a general modeling forum and not one specifically for this game.


Sorry, I before did not know this site, I realize that is dedicated to gmod.
what’s wrong if I want to take a model for use in 3dsmax instead of gmod. only one model :frowning:
thanks for patience.