COD MW2 - "Honey Badger" a.k.a Stryker

I decided to ask if anyone had released this within a pack (can you reupload or relink to the thread that has) or currently working on it

Stryker ICV:

here is the picture (not clear but for now, I will try to post it from when I play the game)

I have mistakely bump this thread (went through 23 pages on the models/skins), thought it had this

Sorry, but the only people that are really ripping from MW2 are the Koreans, and if I may add, they’re doing it VERY badly. Most atleast.

I strongly disagree, most of their stuff is quite nice, and if you refer to “badly” because the models are not fucking beautiful I inform you that its the models not them.

PREDAAATOR is Korean? He ported very well, despite your claims.

I’m Canadian. :argh:

I suck at t-posing anyways.

predaaator is south american.


Tango Sucka.

so its still in WIP but not going to be released?