COD MW2 Iraq Soldiers (Perhaps.)

was it bloocobalt?
someone request me that model so… I port it.


It's now Iraq soldiers. it's Afghan National Guard.

Kewl, that M16 is really ugly though.

dont get focus on m16
i know that’s fucking shit

That’s pretty cool, I’d like to see it released, they could be pretty useful

don’t mean to go off topic but are you still doing General Shepherd by the way?

that’s shit.
I’m not gonna do it

or later.

thanks anyway

haha alright, but yeah this guy looks pretty good.

That’s great, keep it up. That’s definately something fresh from COD. And it’s Afghani National Guard soldier.

Cool but these are actually Afghani soldiers, not Iraq. You should port the rest of them with different head variants (helmet, no shades, etc.) Can you also make the insurgent versions, the bodies are the same but the skin and heads are different.

Oh fuck yes… thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

By the way, what happened to the Russian mercs and the Brazilian militia you were working on?

Looks nice, good rip.

do more <3


oh and katana, he did the mercs awhile ago
released as makarov’s men

Yeah that looks good, good job.

OK. thanks

Thanks for the heads up :v:

thanks. I would try other variants. and I would make insurgents.



He was just telling me that you already released Makarov’s mercs, since I had asked about them.



fuck ninja

Will you be doing the brazillians next? That would be great.

well… I’ve tried.
but I fucked up.