CoD:MW2-like kill-cams?

Is this even possible? I think it would be bad-ass to have a killcam system in Gmod. My only concern is, would it lag the server? There might be an easier way to do it than I think but here’s my basic assumption that scares me about the idea:

Have each client send the server a recording of their first person view, and if they kill someone then it takes the last 5 or so seconds of the killer and plays it for the victim. I just think that would be a lot of strain on the server, anyone else have a different method?

Wait… I just thought of something. I remember ftpje (I can’t remember the name, I think that’s it) made some sort of camera system completely client-side that could spectate a player, perhaps someone could implement his method to spectate every player in the server and then when they die show them the last few seconds before they died? (If that’s even possible)