COD MW2 Makarov's Men.


wowow impressive when to be ports ?

Wow, Is that a russian cop reskinned? god

Basically all the MW2 models are recycled and used on each other : /

I mean seriously… loads of them use the same texture sheets

no necks?

You got me hyped, I thought it was better versions from No Russian

Still, good job…wait, necks be missing now?

Also they look like hunchbacks :v:

They’re supposed to go into suits. :frowning:

Aww I was expecting the guys from No Russian :frowning:


I like them though, so keep it up (also no necks :v:)


Can’t wait for these :smiley:


Ragdoll resized
Two more

Make the beret ones. and the dudes with the beards, <_<

I made beret one.



Can you port the Opfor by any chance aswell? (whenever the hell you feel like it that is :v:)

what opfor?
two level?

I mean the arab guys you fight in Afghanistan.

This is totally badass. I actually like how MW2 shares alot of their textures and gear parts. Keeps things kind of uniform and tidy.
If you can snab the guy with the beard (Hopefully in his now camo)
I would be extremely thankful

I agree. Those would be great. They look great, plus those Iraqi national guard soldiers you see in the training mission use the same body models, so with some simple headhacking, we could have models of the Iraqi national guard.

ok. i gonna try it.


you mean this guys?