COD MW2 Militia (Favela Gang) WIP


Looks good.
Just make sure you don’t leave the texture gray like that when you finish it. Some textures in MW2 are just plain gray, but the game engine colours them different colours and makes different looking variations. So, before you go finishing it, make sure to make some different colour variations.

weapons are usually do.
dont worry about it, sir. i can port other color alternative skins

Reason why its gray because they have other small color pattern textures when ripped and its separate. It’s usually only like 12kb’s for the color patterns or just the plain tan, black, and other textures. Also fix his shoulders/top spine, they are crooked.

Are you going to release these in a pack with Makarov’s men?


Someone should hack that ammo vest onto one of those rebel remakes.

That looks very nice.


Camel Toe.

GODLIKE! (for a wip)

I want this. :smiley:

stupid crotch problem.

Oh boy, Im looking forward to this! IMO best faction in MW2


we love you tlsaudrl awsome nice work

I like this,very good

There goes the Mw2 gang bumping this thread, like always.

There’s not even any progress…

Bad bump bad smoki.

when it’s done??
I want to rig 'em to cs 1.6