CoD MW2 npcs?

Maybe I haven’t searched hard enough, but it doesn’t look like anyone has made npcs using the Modern Warfare 2 models yet. Specifically, the diver suit soldiers (Navy Seals I believe).

I was wondering if someone is working on these, or if they could make these into npcs. The models themselves are already available, so that might make it easier. If anything, I would just like to see the four diver models made into npcs, the other models don’t matter as much to me. Thanks anyway.

Yeah, I guess I can work on the divers

Oh cool, if anything, it could be great if you just basically skinned them onto the rebel npcs. Whatever way works.

Here is an image of one of the diver models (the player model form someone made).

EDIT: Rofl, I just realized that might be your own pack (the one I referenced).

Yeah, that was from my pack

Anyways, here is the NPCs

If you can, can you get a image of all of them together with weapons and tell me if they work right? I can’t really run Gmod right now, my main comp crashed and I have to use a directX 6 piece of shit. I also wanna get them on .org

Okay, just finished downloading them, I’ll see if I can get a pic.


Sorry, big images (I don’t normally post/upload pictures). The npcs operate and run fine, the only issue is that the gun can clip through their gear (I choose to show them with M16s, for practical reasons). But I’m not sure the clipping is something that can be fixed, but other than that, I think they are awesome, and when in motion, or shooting, look excellent.

Wow, those images look nice. Thanks for the images and info on them, I was aware of the gear clipping

Yeah, thank you for making them. I will probably use them in a high quality action film sometime soon.

Welcome, sounds like a cool idea. Good luck with it

Also I put them on .org

I dont know if you even can but can you please make US Ranger NPCs from MW2. That would be cool and it might bbe used in a youtube movie with permission from the creator. Thanx in advance!

Could you please make Captain Price in his desert uniform, as seen in the levels Just Like Old Times and Endgame? Thanks in advance. :smiley:

I don’t know porting or modeling, when someone does port him I will give it a shot to make him a NPC

i hope someone also makes price bruised up after his fight with that old crow shepherd

can u make mw2 npcs like friendly and enemy usa rangers,or friendly and enemy russians or riot shield addon?

Sorry to add on the pile of requests, but is it possible to take those divers and make them replace the CTS in CSS?

TY for the NPCs TY


TY for the pack,TY!!!

Here is a better pack I did

can u port these to css? (first 3 divers and ghost. 3nd model for urban would be nice)