COD MW2 Opfors


Ahahaha brilliant. This will be very useful.

lol , tlsaudrl2548 you did it !?

thanks, tlsaudrl2548 .

These are cool, don’t forget there is also a variant of them that has long sleeves and a different vest. Also you’re missing the head of the shemagh with the bandana on it (it has arabic writing on the bandana).

I know but I didn’t rip it

I forgot.



Personally, if you did rip it, I’d replace the helmet head with it, since the one with the helmet would fit more with the Afghan National Guard, rather than some arabic militia.

I ripped it
and the eye was closed when i check the file.

are you making them into player models? plz

Can’t you like, you know, just open the eye?

You should totally make those shades as a separate prop too.

that’s ancient method but it’s hard

How did you port these? They don’t look like 3D ripper dx port.

How is moving a few vertices to open an eye hard…or ancient?


3d ripper dx

why not


okay that’s good…

Tango sucka!

This gives me a hardon

where is the download link?

There isn’t any, it hasnt been released.