COD MW2 Task Forces and Price

[Release][tab]Name:[/tab] Task Forces & Price
[tab]Version:[/tab] 1
[tab]Known Problems:[/tab] one model unsmoothed face, there is little blank on their armpits. and some models are unable to change their skins

[tab]Download:[/tab] click here

Infinity Ward

Ripping, Rigging: tlsaudrl2548, zz8140, no5_sniper



where is No5_Sniper’s name in Credit? You didn’t rip some of TF141’s faces huh?

I did.
uh. I forgot him lol.

The Snow Soap doesn’t have a texture.

Why the hell nobody is porting ghillies

pretty awesome downloaded

Awesome work!

Who can compile them for css?

tlsaudrl2548 does it again…

good job

awesome job man! awesome damn job thats what i was waiting for! =D

why dont soap have a skin ?

Needs for CSS or will have annuerism

It has textures.
use bodygroup changer. that will get your mind better.


yes i agreed
I want to make them for CS:S CT or T whatever.
but i don’t know how.

No texture.

same here

If anyone knows how to compile these for CS:Source, that’d be great.

Also, put a cover on your TPS reports, c’mon man!

Yay thanks.

Hmmm, I think I can see the error with Soap

His lens and suit materials don’t seem to be there. Then his face and eye VMTs seem to be broken

This error for both his eye and face textures. Except his eye says line 4


Found something else that seems to be fucking it up, misplaced CD materials path

Edit 2
Well editing the black face and black eyes VMTs so they match up with the few Soap textures I got some fixed (Something about his textures look off)

Smoothed the Soldier’s unsmoothed face

ct ftw

works fine for me
good job tls