COD MW2 Task Forces and Price

honestly this is prob a ownage ct skin if tls could make one im sure the css community would love it

I’ll need you to come in over the weekend to do that.

I deleted textures cause it’s sux.
also i think i deleted models too. why is it exists?

It would be cool if someone ported these for css

im not trying to be a douche bag or anything but im pretty sure someone and myself requested that already

I can’t understand you

I think he means “why does it exist?” (it meaning the model or w/e)


If you deleted the textures, then why did you kept the model in it?

He said he thought he got rid of both, read.

so i said it’s mistake
find some textures and put it in materials folder. that would be make your mind better.

Wow, these look terrible. :frown:

any way i tested them, they are good, but they seem to have execive ph0ng on some maps (Insurgency ones for instance) and there hands are some times gliches and im not able to move them.

i hope you already knew this, ddok and tlsaudrl, BUT NORTH KOREA IS BEST KOREA!!!11one11!

did that really have to do anything with this at all?


lol xD so like anyways is there anyone that nos how to port these models to css?

I don’t know actually but It may be possible by re-compiling

Fix please?

I don’t know how to uninstaile that models((((