COD MW2 TF141 vs Spestnaz for CSS?

I dont know if this has been requested before but can someone convert these player models to CSS?

CTs will be the TF141:

With the Ts being the Spestnaz(or the Russian Invasion Forces:

Please leave a reply if someone will accept this request.

The only person I know who can make CS:S replacements correctly is Predator, but he’s gone now.

Actually, I just learned how recently

^Nice! So are you up to the challenge? Well if you are, just point your mouse towards here:

I’ll have a go. I have some of the Spetsnaz guys already rigged to the CSS Skeleton.

Can you post progress please?

Perhaps a better view of the ragdolls so we can see their heads and bodies so we know which one’s are which. Cause from this angle they all look the same.


Aww, where did you learn to do that? I’ve been trying to replace some of the CS:S dudes from the dudes from STALKER.

Well I took the current knowledge of replacing citizen models, so I decompiled a current CSS rigged model and changed “$Modelname” line

So like in S-low’s Terminator QC I made it "$modelname “player _phoenix.mdl”

To get them to work you need to start a CSS server with the Source Dedicated Tool and put this in the Server’s console so they work “sv_consistency 0”

In CSS enter “Connect IP address” in the console without the quotes and of course add some bots in the server console as well

Thanks to SGG telling me how to do this properly

Oh and the console I’m referring to is the server console in the Source Ded tool

Now just looking for the TF141 models for css PLUS passes sv_consistency 1

Why the desert ones? If its anything it should be the woodland 141 members.

Perhaps they could be part of a skin pack?

That’s what I mean. Look at these TF141 skins;

Its old, so don’t post/bump it.

How about the ones in civies so that one camo pattern doesn’t look out of place in certain maps?

^ You mean have all of them in Brown, Tunak?


eh, in the russian missions the tf141 had woodland. its best they come in woodland camo

No, I mean the ones in the Favela missions, who wear jeans and shit, like:

^ Ive got the idea now. And Ive played that mission, so epic.

Don’t you dare forget about Ghost, do Ghost first he rules ^^.
No seriously, if you don’t do Ghost…