COD Players For CSS (My Request)

SAS= One-One Team member (the one in the front in the picture)
SEAL= Foley
GSG-9= Nikolai
GIGN= Spetsnaz

Arctic Avengers= Arctic Ultranationalist
Phoenix Connexion= This COD4 Ultranationalist
Guerrilla Warfare= This COD4 Ultranationalist
Elite Crew= Makarov

The ones that aren’t exact look-alikes I plan on reskinning. Would really appreciate it if someone did this.

All you would need someone to do is convert this few models to CSS


Russians (I think the one you want is here)-


Snow guys-


I support this, and hopefully they could pass consistency.

Yes, all I want is for them to have the CSS animations and I’ll be happy.

Most of those don’t use the CSS animations and need to be rerigged.

Just tried the SAS, it doesn’t replace the CSS-SAS model.

But yeah, can someone make it so that the COD4 model actually REPLACES the SAS model?

And reanimate the other models?