CoD:WaW PBY Catalina

After porting all of the various sections from World at War and piecing a few of them together I reached Milkshape’s triangle limit, so I do not think that I can continue with this, besides I am not exactly the most skilled with modelling programs anyway.
If anyone wants to give it a shot, here are the models and textures.

If you reach Milkshape limits, I guess source won’t be able to compile the model. I can’t compile models over 13k triangle so good luck with that one.

I’m not sure but it seems that something is missing :-/

Yes, there are two things I just noticed:

  1. I forgot to add the front ball turret.
  2. The flotation part fuselage’s texture is the glass texture (There wasn’t a texture for it in the files).

Holy shit.

I thought maybe some one already released some world at war ones… :… hmm maybe not this model though… meh.

Just split the model up into sections, then do this in your qc:

$model “blah.smd”
$model “blah2.smd”
$model “blah3.smd”

Each $model entry is one of the sections you split the model into. Using this really simple trick you can get around the tri limit for the compiler.

Hey question, are you still working on that call of duty porting project? Id love to see moon and escalation zombies man.

Woulden’t it be able to shop it up into peices? If it allready is then compile the individual parts and build a static plane in hammer! Atleast thats what I’d done if I had the skills.

I’ve allways loved wehicle interiors in games, Red Orchestra 2 have awesome full tank interior, but this… the Catalina is the most beautiful plane ever made by man!

I don’t know about you, but I’d love having a map of this surrounded by greenscreen.

pls release i will



Front turret added.

Front interior done.

If someone could please help me with the collision model, I don’t really want to leave it blank and I don’t want to reuse the main model as the collision model.

Also, someone needs to get on to rigging luxox_18’s Catalina crewmen… Please…

Oh my my! Look at that interior view! ITS AWESOME! Greate work ViperMarkII!

I agree that someone really needs to rig the Catalina crewman (and sailor survivor).
And I hope the Catalina plane colision models will be quite expensive, if thats not to much to ask for.

However it turns out I love you VipermarkII!

Well thank you, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up yet. I compiled 2 parts(The third one just wouldn’t work, a costly collision model of course and checking Full Collide didn’t help), loaded it up in Gmod, and all purple and black. I haven’t a clue why the textures won’t work, the VTFs look fine, if anyone wants to check, here is one:

	"$basetexture" "models/ViperMarkII/airplanes/Catalina/mtl_blister_interior_c"
	"$bumpmap" "models/ViperMarkII/airplanes/Catalina/mtl_blister_interior_n"
	"$nocull" 1

I tried this, but now I am getting the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION error and I have no idea what to do about it, I suppose I will post my QC later if someone wants to help…

Alright, I finally got the thing to compile, but there is one big problem remaining(below).

Here is the problem

The entire tail interior looks as if it went through a blender. Why did that happen and how do I fix it?

Too bad I have no Idea either why that happens, I hope theres someone outthere that can help.

Have you REALLY tried to save gas by getting into a car club?

I’ve REALLY tried to save polys to get this to compile…

ERROR: Aborted Processing on 'ViperMarkII\airplanes\pby-catalina.mdl'


If you are compiling to a folder e.g “models/catalina”, check if this folder really exist. Compilers are having problems with creating the folders, maybe that’s the thing.

Tis looks like rigging error to me + the wrongly applied texture (in case of that, maybe the VMT is pointing the wrong file, check it out). Check the rigging, but I can’t help you too much, I’m doing my shit with 3ds max, not blender.