CoD WaW US Models

Should have put this in my last request I uploaded about 30 seconds ago, but can someone also makes THESE ragdolls aswell? :smiley: (Mainly the marines and main characters, not the weapons or vehicles or anything, I saw some files called things like “Sherman” and “Willys_Jeep”

Thanks all! :3

Shit, man, i think you are released them…
I’m outta here

Look where you posted your thread.

This should have been posted in the Requests section, but it’s a bit late for that now.
Anyway, Bloo did some US models already, and several others:

Oh shit, sorry

thought I put it in requests section :confused: DERP

I “fixed” there .phy files a bit.

Holy Shit, these models are awesome!!! Thanks for the link, never seen that one before :slight_smile:

Nice!!! but does someone know is there Sullivan, Roebuck or japanese models???

LINK PLEASE!!! :zoid:

Ive seen Roebuck in a GMod picture before but i cant remember where

I 2ND THIS!!! (Especially Japanese Models, thier uniforms are awesome. BANZAI!)

If you look through some of the Nazi Zombie packs there was one that contained all 4 characters (including Roebuck)

This guy seems new, lets cut him some slack for now.

The pack’s pretty nice, although for some reason the M2 Nozzle and the Type 99 Rifle are invisible.

Probably not the right place to ask.

lol i think you’re thinking of Polonsky (Who was used for the model of Tank) :stuck_out_tongue: