CoD WaW XModel Export from Addons

So for a gamemode based on Nazi Zombies me and some other people are working on, we want to use models of perk machines and power up drops from the actual game. We’ve already got all of those present in vanilla WaW, but we’re missing models for perks from Black Ops and onwards. Because I only own WaW on PC, I haven’t been able to extract the models from the other games, however because of WaW’s custom zombies community, many people have already ported all sorts of perks, weapons, powerups and more from the games further up. I have downloaded some of those, but from looking through them, I just can’t find any “xmodel” folders anywhere. Not even in the .ff files after extracting them. I’ve seen people on the forums there saying that the models are in the .ff, but I just don’t know how to get them out. Does anyone here have any experience or know of a way I can get the models out of the addon patches?

You CANNOT get any model or anim out of .ff files.
Just get someone to port the models from BO1

Use ninjaripper to get the models by force. Extracting from WaW is too tricky, just brute force the models out with ninjaripper.
If you cannot do it, write on this thread and I will get the models for you. With enough time and patience we can get the maps too, but that is an enormous amount of work.

there’s plenty of mapper’s/modder’s resources available on the main Zombies modding website (, just grab it from there, there should be some perks & powerup models on there for you to take a pick at.

everything on ugx is inside .ff files because they can’t post raw models

Which is why you need to use ninjaripper for this game.

you don’t, i’ll port the BO1 models for you when i can Zet0r, i’ll need to get some stuff anyways so it’s not a problem

I’ll get him the WaW ones since its what he asked for. Don’t worry about it.

For clarification OP, what specific models are you looking for?

Just fyi Tom Crowley’s Xmodel Utils supports COD WaW.

I don’t know about custom content but for vanilla stuff it works just fine.

This will be quite useful. Thank you kind sir.

I already have on and off models of all WaW perks, as well as the drops and props from there. I got those myself with Tom’s XModel Utils. The ones I still need are the ones that are exclusive to the other games (but available in WaW custom maps with those add-ons I was talking about), which are:

  • Der Wunderfizz (On/Off/Away)
  • Fire Sale drop
  • On/Off models for all perks from BO1 and onwards (DTap2, PhD, Stamin-Up, Deadshot, Mule Kick, Tombstone, Who’s Who, Cherry, Vulture Aid)
  • Gersch Device (With animations for viewmodel, converting these into c_ models)
  • Optionally, Widows Wine On/Off (Haven’t coded that perk in, it wasn’t really on the to-do list, but if I was able to get it, I would)

I already have on models for all those extra perks from a Workshop Addon (used with permission), but I thought if I had to get the off ones anyway, I’d get both myself.

I’m gonna try Ninja Ripper when I can, so you don’t need to get them for me (just yet at least xD), but I am very thankful for your offers. I’ll post back if I can’t get Ninja Ripper to work properly.

I would also like the perk machines from BLOPS 2/3 if someone is already going to be ripping them :slight_smile:

Sorry then, I cannot install Blops right now due to hdd space issues. I have WaW installed and thought the stuff you wanted was from there.

As for Blops there are proper extraction tools so you will not need to recourse to ninja ripper.

My main problem is that I don’t have any other CoD games on my PC, most of them are on my console. And I didn’t want to resort to buying the games if the models are available in WaW, just through custom content. But as it turns out, those can’t be extracted directly lol

a231 said he could get them from blops though, wait for him.
If a231 does not do it first, I’ll eventually install blops and get it out.

I’ve managed to do all the off models myself for the perks I didn’t have by recompiling them with a reference to the same texture, just with $selfillum off. I got a friend who had BO2 and Origins to get me the models from there, so I’ve got those models now. I don’t have the Gersch Device though, but I seem to remember that there were weapons in the .ff’s, but it may have just been me. I’m not sure if I can get that out of WaW, but if not, I probably have a fair few friends with BO1 who I can get to help me. I thank you all for your kind offers though :slight_smile:

Why would you even want to rip models from custom zombies? :sick: