CoD:WW2 Model Request Thread, 17k+ at 309gb in 23 Hours, "and that ain't the half of it"

I’ve spent just about all of the CoDWW2 release weekend porting all the models from the singleplayer campaign and some of the base content from multiplayer. 17,149 models totaling in 309GB and 19,924 animations at 1.22GB.

Any requested content will be added to This MEGA folder. Models are provided in .OBJ .SMD .XMODEL_EXPORT and .MA. Animations are provided in .SEANIM!z54imAaA!T32Il4TGvTHAcZ4Upd3hPw

Model directory listing. - Updated with missing models
Animation directory listing (Part 1 of 2).
Animation directory listing (Part 2 of 2).

Content ripped using Wraith Archon by Me.


If you want a specific model, try to find it in the model directory listing and give me its name and directory, or if it is something more specific or obvious like the viewmodel for the m1941 johnson rifle
Im not looking through 17k files to find the dead cow model you wanted

any model you request will appear in the MEGA in its respective filepath in a zip file complete with textures in .PNG and the 4 Model formats stated above.

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If I may, could you port the german garrison hat from the stealth mission? Thanks!

I’d like to request a basic amount of .smd formatted allied soldiers from the first missions with gear. Weapons are not required.

Sorry for this seeming weird, but I was told that you have to list the exact list of models you wish to have extracted using the model directory listed above. Due to the amount of content having to sift through, if you want something you have to find it and list it making the assembling of content a bit more accurately and quickly. This is by the request of arow1234 and atm he is busy with work so your requests will be delayed until later on in the day.

Hello. I’d like to request several weapon models (along with their sounds if it’s possible):
-Lewis LMG
-Walther “Toggle Action” Shotgun
-M30 Luftwaffe Drilling
-MP28 (Waffe)
-Kbsp wz38m (Karabin)
-Fleigerfaust (Zombies)

For characters, I’d like to ask for the four playable characters from Zombies mode:
-Drostan Hynd
-Olivia Durant
-Marie Fischer
-Jefferson Potts

i will upload for you deadpool69

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Thank you for the early release. I’ll just wait until arow uploads my weapon requests.

yeah i wont rip those weapons, i cant be arsed lol sorry

I need multiplayer weapons, if you could give me a download, thank you.

I need all first person hands and smoke grenade. Thnks!

I’m just wondering how would I know which of the models listed on your list are either the full body versions or the parts of the main characters/npcs/generic soldiers?

please state the specific models and their respective directories from the listing, or state a specific weapon from the game, im not uploading 300 gigs worth of stuff.

I haven’t touched any of the zombies stuff yet but I will upload the weapons requested if i can find them among the files.

EDIT: I am uploading all the weapon viewmodels that I have.

character models come in parts. Head, Arms, Hands, Uniform, Headgear, Accessories, etc.
from what ive seen, anything character related has org1 or org2 in its filename, there are however afew files that are character related that do not have org in their filename

I’d like to see the weapons + epic versions get ported. Probably these first:

vm_usa_m1897 or vm_usa_winchester1897, I can’t remember.

These are based off my memory, so they’re not accurate. The docs don’t have the listings for these models (not even vm_eng_lewis or vm_usa_m1941_johnson are listed)

oh fak, i dont think the whole docs pasted. ill fix that…
I am uploading all the weapon VM right now so that will cover all the weapons you have listed

There are about 500+ in the list with org in their file names. I might have to take a bit of time to find Normandy US troops…

There are a ton of ger*_org1 but I can’t seem to find any usa*_org1 on the list

I need to update the docs, the whole thing didnt paste properly


Documentation has been updated for models

I’m hoping these are full body models with their gear…


Well here’s two problems I’ve encounter so far. It might be Wraith’s doing.

  1. None of the _01, _02, or epic models are importing correctly. (vm_usa_m1garand_receiver_01 and vm_usa_m1garand_stock_02). Either it doesn’t import at all, import just the bones, or import the mesh, but it’s clumped together. The *.ma, *.obj, *.smd formats of each model do the same thing (not sure about *.XMODEL_EXPORT, but it’s possible that it could be affected as well)

  2. Some of the *.ma’s straight up refuse to import (using Maya 2014 version). Examples:, Error message that I got from the script editor:

// Error: "C:/Users/Big Boss/Documents/3dsMax/import/Call of Duty/WWII/vm_usa_m1garand/vm_usa_m1garand_barrel_base/" line 25184.7: Syntax error // 
// File read in 0 seconds. // 
// Error: MayaASCII file was missing a 'requires' statement, and may not have loaded as expected. // 
// Warning: line 0: Errors have occurred while reading this scene that may result in data loss.
Please check the Script Editor for details. // 

First, many thanks for your time and effort!

I´d love to see Captain Davis with garrison cap and US pilot.

I’m not sure about the files. Maybe: