CoD2 Ragdolls

Hai Guys, can somebody make these models ragdolls? :3
Not all of them, thats too much work :wink: - Normandy Germans - US Normandy Rangers - German Afrika Korps - British Africa Soldiers

All models are from CoD2 :slight_smile:
Thanks a Bunch!!!

Wait did you port these yourself?

no, I think luxox_18 ported them. I couldn’t port them even if I had a tutorial!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

So you’re implying that you took these straight from luxox without giving him credit?

no, I just copied the links to his files, sorry if I forgot to give him credit


THANKS!! :wink:

No problem :smiley:

Sorry i am quite the noob how do i add these to garry’s mod? I only know how to add files with materials folder, models folder etc please assist

dood those arent actually ragdolls and cant be put in gmod, thats why I made the thread in the first place :stuck_out_tongue:

nice bump btw

sorry i haz teh dumb