CoD4 AfterMath

This is some kind of alike map of a mission in Call of Duty 4, AfterMath.

Used :

*****CoD4 Vehicle models by tlsaudrl2548,

*Ugly Nazi models by Half-Dead.

*****Medal of Honor Vehicle model by tlsaudrl2548,

*****Mw2 vehicle models.

*****L4D ragdolls and models,

*****Some ragdolls made by Anoynomous.

Here’s some preview, sorry if it’s too dark.










There are some bugs and updates that I’m gonna do :

*****A Nazi ragdoll is floating in the map with no weapon pose.

*****Some ragdolls are floating on some buildings.

*****Strange position of ragdolls.

*****Need to add fog.

*****Need to change the Skybox .

*****Need to make the map lighter.

The models and that are good.

Mapping & Lighting need’s work though. Big time.

I know, and I’m working on it.
But I need to find those models again since I deleted them and forgot to make backup files.

Has a lot of potential, play lots of CoD4 and gain inspiration. See how they do things.

It’s too dark, and needs more improvements.

The 3D Skybox is beautiful.
I love the building textures.

All you’ve done is spammed car, building, and ragdoll models everywhere along with a few custom textures in a pretty box map. Oh, and a few fences.

Hey now, just because they don’t have faceposing, and are the same model with different skin doesn’t mean you should call it ugly, it was good at the time it was released, and it had a lot of effort put into it.

Good. Just add some noise on the rubbles.