COD4 hand rigs

Hello all!

Could anyone port the U.S. Marines’ hand rigs from COD4?


I think I didn’t express myself correctly… there’s no need to rig it. I just need the hands model, I’ve seen people using it in videos, but now I can’t find the video again.
So, if someone can get me the model of the COD4 hands, please.

hand rigs? is there something im missing here…

Yeah, I saw them on a video… I don’t remember who it was, but he was testing animations in 3ds MAX using COD4 hands and those animations were supposed to be for CS:S…

You mean these?
Sorry, no idea where to get them.
Animating with those would be awesome.

I guess it’s not hard for the port masters… games usually have a separated model file for the hands… if porters could get that for us, it’d be awesome.

Hey guys, I’m sorry if this post has been solved, or if I’m reviving an old thread but I have some rigs for you guys :slight_smile: I have some Modern Warfare 2 hand rigs and some COD4 hand rigs… Here are the downloads:
MW2: (Snow Mission, and TF141):
Cod4 (OpFor, US Marines, and SAS):