COD4 Helies to L4D

I don’t remember the link, but there is a set of Helicopters from CoD4 that were ported from said game and released for GMOD. I was wondering if it is possible to get them into a map. I have tried just by sticking the models and materials into the steamapps\common\left4dead (like installing an addon), but when I select the models in Hammer it crashes the browser.

Did you try using a l4d tut on installing content?

or did you just do it like gmod addons?


also, I dont understand the tut >.>

How can you not understand it? It’s simple.

Maybe you get it, but I dont understand it, why? I dont know, I just dont.

Keep re-reading it and trying it until you get it then.

So I got the point where they want me to CTRL+F whatever it is im trying to do, but whatever I look up (in regards to the heli) it tells me it cant find it.



Nah it’s something with the models, they are crashing me too. Will look into it.


Well… I’m gonan try re-compiling them all for L4D. Be warned though they don’t have collision models, and one might be upside down.

upside down would be perfect

Well, recompiled one. Still crashes… Not sure what’s up.


Found out why they crash.
QC Has the line:
$keyvalues { prop_data {“base” metal.medium }

This causes the crash… If your really nice and say please I might re-compile them all without that line.


Fixed… Extract to l4d/models…


Thanks dude