COD4 Javelin?

Is it possible to make that Javelin with that tracking system?

And sorry for going off topic but how do I use the fly by wire and aaraam addon?
Also I will try and port these cod4 models once I learn the art of porting models.
-Mi-28 Havoc ( the attack heli seen in the sniper mission)
-CH-46 Sea Knight
-And maybe those jets.
I might also make the Javelin but someone need to teach me how to make one and if its possible to make the in built tracking system.


What is wrong with the media tags? I can’t get the video working!

Fixed media. Also that would be a pretty nice swep if it was made.

So is it possible to make one? And thanks!

I’m guessing it can easily be done with the rocket as a sent and constantly giving it coordinates to a target. Not fully sure about tracking a target, but i bet it is possible. Just maybe a watered down version of it.

But it would be likely that people want a Swep, not a sent. Also, Is it possible to make the anti air missile launcher seen in Battlefield 2?
Come on! Someone reply! I want to make this Swep!

I’ll give it a try!

Don’t expect too much and it also could take a while.

Thank you! Now, I need someone to teach me porting. Then I could port all the awesome vehicles.

And how do I port the models? Someone help me! Also, how the hell do you use fly by wire and arraam addon?

I saw an admin swep like this once but it was for an AWP and did not have sound . But you can probably replace the bullet with an rpg rocket easily.

Where is it? Link?
And I can’t find the model for the Cod4 helicopters!
I want to port this!

And this

ray243: When i meant about the Sent. I mean a swep that fires a sent. Then the sent is given a force upwards (maybe about 0,0,600) for about 3 seconds. Then give the sent angles that coordinate it to the selected target. I didn’t mean a sent as the whole weapon, but a swep that fires a sent.


Give thanks to Aska49 for telling me about making a sent track a player. I might be able to do it. Though i am slightly busy right now with the Stealth gamemode, i’ll try to squeeze in a bit of time tomorow to make this swep.

Thank You! Finally I made a request topic where someone would really do it.

Is there any good models around that i could use? maybe custom ones like the actual Javelin proter from CoD:4 or from another game (W and V model)? If i really try my hardest from the temptation to go down stairs and watch a few shows on demmand, I could get this released in Beta today/tonight if no errors show up.

There is a javelin-like model here

Look at the left.

Download link? Link to creator? Link to any where else but an image?


I think that’s only a world model anyway.



And this rocket seems good!

No he means like, a swep that fires the rocket sent.

I managed to capture a frame of the model ingame, but I don’t know how to port it. Any ideas? And how do I get 3ds max?

To port it I think you need the DSX9 ripper and 3ds Studiomax, wich costs about 2000-3000$

Holy crap! Is there any other way? Or maybe I could sent the frames to you.