COD4 M4A1 for CSS

I’m looking for ported COD4 M4A1 without any grenade launchers for CSS
Can someone help me?

I already made this with Broke’s animation, but I don’t know if kilburn give me a permission!?:stuck_out_tongue:

then ask him :slight_smile:

Sure you can, I didnt make the anims anyway so I dont have the authority to grant permissions for them. And ImBrokeRU doesnt have a problem with that as long as you credit him, at least he never did for honest people.

this? just remove the HBS and it’s cod4 m4a1

why is the weapon so far away? don’t you know, even when in ready(unsighted) position, it’s tucked to your shoulder? this looks like you’re holding it way out in front of you like a dead cat.

lol camera view is at FOV 80