COD4 models?

Hi all,

First sorry for my poor english, i’ll try to be more understandable as possible

I just come to discover the board and there seems be some good modeler with a massive knowledge here, i am impressed by so much contents.

I’m not from CS community but from COD4 one.

I looked since some mounth the way to use Maya with mod tools to import a beretta M93r model but i dont succeed to port anything (i begin to think Maya is not made for guy like me)

In passing on this forum, i have again the hope to have model which works, now we go into heart of the matter:

Is there modeller on this board who have some basics with maya who know how to port a model in cod4 (x_model_export and anim tags stuffs) who can help me to port the berretta M93r in my mod?

I shall really be very grateful if some one accept to help me to do that.

Edit: Sorry i forgot the link to the model


You’re wondering how to port models from CoD4, right? I can probably do that.

You’ll need to download XModel Exporter first. Extract it some place you’ll remember. Launch the XModelExporter.exe.

Go into the settings. I haven’t installed this exporter tool in a long time so I don’t remember if it asks you to find the install folder for WinRAR and the Call of Duty game of choice.

If you don’t have WinRAR, you can download it here.

In the CoD4 line in settings, you just have to find the call of duty folder. I bought mine off Steam so it’s in steamapps/common/call of duty 4. If you have Vista, I think it might be C:\Users\CURRENTUSER\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare. XP is C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare. Just find the Call of Duty 4 folder.

Again, since I don’t remember what exactly I did to install it, I’m not sure you have a raw folder by default. If you don’t, try downloading the CoD4 mod tools.
Put it like this.

Press Ctrl + F then type in “beretta”, or manually look for it in the list to the right. Click on “colorMap:weapon_beretta_c.iwi” then go to “Convert to DDS”. This exports the main texture. You can also do this with the other bold words as they’re usually other textures, bump maps or specular maps.

Next click on “viewmodel_beretta” under “Surfaces”. Then click “Preview surface” to see a preview of the model.

If it looks good, click on “Export .OBJ to…”. This will export an .OBJ file of the model, and I can pretty much guarantee you that this will work with Maya. Pretty much every single 3D program has compatibility with .OBJ.

Hope that helped.

Thanks for your help ssa gib A, this board community seems to be very nice !

My stuff is not export COD4 models to edit in maya but rather port a model buy on into cod4 xmodel, xmodelparts, xmodelsurfs, material ect which i can compile into my COD4 mod and use with an existing animations like beretta xanims.

I can say i am a noob in maya 8.5 and there is no tut or other documentations in cod4 community for weapons modelling purposes.

Only tuts i found talk about how to import some models in maps but i’m not a maper, my interest is just to make a good COD4 mod with a good gameplay and a lot of customs stuffs, but these tuts are not complete for weapon case.

I am really lost in maya, if somebody have basics to port handgun model to cod4 (things i dont doubt one minute :slight_smile: ) i will be very grateful.

Still sorry for my poor english

Oh, I don’t know how to do that sorry. I wish I did. You can try asking the developers of this mod, as they seem to be able to do custom weapons.

Not a problem, thank for your help
Have you got some basics in maya like anim tags, scalling ect?

Nah, I don’t use Maya. Sorry.

And does this files extention speak to you?


Is it compatible with software you use?

Sorry i cant express myself as i would like :S

I think i just need somebody to help me to add tags on the gun for reload and firing anims in maya, i think i have almost understood the others stuff needed to be done.

That the model, and i have one exemple of a gun which are ported to my COD4 mod

Can somebody help me please i need to get this gun worked in my mod.

Naturally if somebody accept to help me, i will offer the model if you want to port it on CSS engine.

Anyway i stay tuned, please i need help.

Still sorry for my poor english (i cant express myself as i would like), i hope i am understandable :S