COD4 MP PlayerModels
Can someone please rig all of the models (download is in first post) for playermodels. It would be greatly appreciated if you could do this.

You must be joking… have you a clue how much work/hard that would be to do? I really doubt that those models use a VALVe skeleton which would make it difficult to add the proper animations…

Thats like asking someone to port every model from a game

Doesn’t Back Slash’s skin use those models?
I’ve converted his personal skin into a wroking playermodel.

I think those models use the CS:S rig.

It uses one of the old ones… that (Superfrog?) ported but I don’t know that he has it on the newer ones by Taggart

Sorry gosh I’m not a real technical know how when it comes to this stuff which is why I ask for someone to do this.

[editline]04:31PM[/editline] That one? That’s pretty much it…but if you want/could do the whole pack that would be nice.