CoD4 - Multiplayer Models

Been looking around, seems people have only ripped the Campaign models of USMC, SAS, etc.
Was hoping someone could go in and 3Dprint screen the multiplayer models for the USMC and SAS, as they tend to have a larger variation of design than the campaign models.
Not asking for anything rigged, basically asking for raw .max files.

Example of models not in campaign -*QOFGmxP9KpKY2BNcm7LTTF9rhHwSe9Eru7H2mv5eXD/cod4_3.jpg

Mate, I think this goes in the request section, not in releases :stuck_out_tongue:
You should read the stickies before posting anything at all.

Maybe you can PM a moderator or something? Good luck with this.

Yee, my bad, wrong damn section.
I just didn’t notice, my apologies.

we already have those.