COD4 NVG High-Res Model.

Hello, please help me find this model =)

I can’t find the correct NVG model. I believe there should be one using these texture files:


It’s a high resolution version of the bad
one used now on all known model hacks.

example from texture file:

The model I don’t want uses one of these texture files for example:


It’s got a much lower resolution.

example from texture file:

And I can’t just swap the texture files. They’ll be misaligned
if I do. Much appreciated if you can help me. I got something
going on, and these would improve it a little bit more.

As far as I know the higher-res NVG texture isn’t used atall, all of the troops that get NVGs have their own facemap with the NVG textures above the face.

well… not bad quality i though

Yea. I’ve been looking deeper into the CoD4 files lately, and like you say, Taggart, there’s no sign of another nvg model. Guess I’d just have to stay with the one available =]

What about the NVG model that’s used when you put the goggles on in singleplayer? That one might be higher quality, since you see it from really close.


Actually, it seems like those higher resolution textures are for the other kind of NVG’s, ones that only have 1 lens to look into, not 2.

Are you saying that the high-res texture i showed is for the one-lens NVG, or that the textures for the SP-First-person NVG you mentioned is?

No, the high-res texture is for the one-lens NVG.

But some of the pieces of both textures seem to be the same, just different quality, so you might be able to take parts from the high-res one and put them on the low-res one.