COD4 Playermodels

Can anyone please make these Playermodels? My Total Commander is busted and My homemade lua crashes the game. Here They are, Fabulous models BTW:

Thank you in advance!


Homemade lua working, no Materials or models and it will not show up in the playermodel menu (plus theres only one)

EDIT: Please let everyone download it.


I tried to edit the first post but it made a new post

Making the file official means putting it up for mass downlodad

I screwed up like that just last week XD

sooo, is anyone gonna convert them to Playermodels or am I Fucked?

do it yourself
making a file official is different from letting everyone download it

official means that it’s made by actual developers of the game

I’ll edit the post

I guess I wont be getting the playermodels.