COD4 Port - Tutorial request or just port the model for me?

I’ve been trying to rip a model and get it into XSI and in XSI it appears invisible, I think it is because the model file is .obj.
Anyway, I have the .obj file of this COD4 model:
I used XModel Exporter, and converted it into .obj format, then tried to open with XSI. Nothing.
So, can anyone port it and compile it for me? I can supply the .obj file(s) and textures, if needed.
Or you could write me a tutorial.
Many thanks.

I’m pretty sure that’s illegal.

I own COD4. I don’t see how it could be illegal, especially if it’s only one model, and a few textures.

I don’t have XSI so I can’t help you out with the invisibility. Also, nobody here gives a shit about copyright laws.

Holy shit, I love you. Thank you so much!

Dean to the rescue