COD4 Ripping

Realise a lot has been ripped from the game, but not affiliated with my question - don’t bother stating it.

Basically wondering whats available to use for ripping in COD4, or is it just limited to the use of 3DRipper DX? Or is there some other program that will rip the geometry successfully?

CoD4 Mod Tools and Xmodel Exporter.

Thanks for the info.
More specific, is it possible to extract level geometry, or is that restricted to 3d print screen programs such as 3DRipperDX and the like?

In the same turn, until I stumble accross another tower thats running the XP OS, I’d epic love if someone would go roam the Pripyat, Chernobyl levels capturing the geometry.
Edit: apologies on the double post.