CoD4 Russian Loyalists and Special Forces Alternate Skin Hex Request

Ok… so after talking with zz8140 and chl0407

we found there were in fact 3 skins for the loyalists…

These guys for those who don’t know…

what i request is for the 3 different skins…

Black gear as pictured… the blue camo skin and the green stripes camo i found buried in the materials folder

Russian Loyalists Original models and materials:

Blue Camo sheet:

Green Stripes Camo sheet (with the other files because i am unsure as to what corresponds to the skin… it appears its mixed in together):

Now onto the Special Forces

There is currently one skin (that i know of… other than the death squad skins which aren’t official) available for the SF soldiers, an ACU camo pattern

ACU sheet here:

Original files:

Unreleased NVG SF Soldiers by zz8140

if someone could hex this id be eternally grateful as I’m sure would the rest of the facepunch community

thanks much



Here are the sheets:

Nobody will take a stab at this? :saddowns:

this model make me …

Can’t seem to download the ACU patterns, but I love the blue Russian ones. Thanks for these skins!

So would anybody try hexing these?


I can make another upload somewhere else

Hey, I was wondering could you upload the Original 3ds max files, or obj. files and the texture templates? I wanna screw around with them for abit. I’m talking about the SF guys to let you know. It would be greatly appriciated if you did.

I don’t have any of those… and they aren’t mine… you could’ve pm’d me before bumping this…

Damn, do you know who has them?

well…i can do it but the link are dead.

Mega bump… I already hexed them, check my threads.

Were can I get the SAS soldiers on the last pic?

I have never seen them… Plus good SAS replacement for CSS

Sorry for off-topic