Cod4 - Russian Ultra-Nationalists.

Hey Facepunch users, i am looking for some of those good old Russians from Call of Duty: 4.
I would like some help to get these models since i know some people that also want them, so it could also be very useful by people.
What i’m talking about is these. (Links downunder, sorry i don’t know how to show pics so you must use those links, thanks).
And if someone could port the models i would be lovely happy, but i request that they have really good physics, just like MW2 Operators or tlsaudrl2548’s Spetsnaz (Opfor).

That’s all i got. Thank you for helping me.

(P.S) - Sorry for a shitty post, i am kinda noob for stuff like this.

(P.S.2) - And sorry for my bad English/Spelling.


Thank you for your comment, i should have said it before but i already know tlsaudrl2548’s Spetsnaz, but i’ll add it now, and thank you for the other one, i will try it out.
(Edit: Those other models you send me with gasmasks and that are perfect, but their skeleton is not that good, the arm is almost un-moveable. With those models and a skeleton just like tlsaudrl2548’s Spetsnaz, it would be perfect.

Well, if those other ones are unposeable, just try editing their phys, i.e.

  1. Download this:
  2. Go to wherever you extracted this pack, and copy a .phy file (the file that Source uses to determine the ragdoll’s physics) from models/mw2/skin_01. Just one will do.
  3. Paste the .phy in a folder.
  4. Paste the .phy four more times in the same folder.
  5. Rename the five files to this:
  6. Now navigate to where you extracted the COD 4 fellas (most likely in garrysmod\garrysmod\models\Cod4soldiers ), open the foldr named RS, and place the renamed phys in there.
    Hope this helps

Omg thank you so much for this, it worked perfectly! Thank you for helping me out, i am really glad for people like you that help other people without asking for something back. Thank you!

Now that for that request it will only be a simple tax of $999999999999999999999 USD. Thank you and enjoy your time on facepunch :smile:

Joking aside good to see some request get fulfilled…kinda?