[release][tab]Name:[/tab] COD4 - SAS

[tab]Version:[/tab] 1.0

[tab]Description:[/tab] Predaator’s ports of the COD4 SAS Dudes

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Mighty British Willpower!

[tab]Download:[/tab];9703588;/fileinfo.html [/release]

This is a pack which contains Counter-Terrorist working replacements and also hexxed versions for posers or whatever. Each model replaces one member of the CT team.

Full credit goes to Predaaator of FPSBanana fame, so god bless him!

I just you know hexxed these and brought them to release with his permission. You’ll find these nowhere else but on facepunch.

Note: Don’t upload this anywhere else without permission from me or Predaaator first on pain of death
Also for anyone who missed it, they’re hexxed


Fingerposable version thanks to Ferdam here:

You will have to download the original pack before downloading Ferdam’s as his does not contain the textures.

:fap: I love you.

hell yeah.


I can’t wait until Predator makes the COD4 Spetznaz SEX =D
Thanks for posting and hexing. I’ll definitely try them out.

Also, fingerposeable?

They don’t work. You have envcube in the vmt and they are Silver men in game.

For those of you who can’t edit a simple text document, I went ahead and made a patch.

Just put the folder in your main gmod directory or wherever you put the original;9705036;/fileinfo.html

Just remove the env_cubemap paragraph from the vmt.
it is not that hard.

Or add normalmapenvmask, that’ll possibly fix it.

Ya well, didn’t know that until I got them ingame =P

That sucks.

Nah. It will still look weird. I’d just remove it.

Ah right k.

Yup, delete the env_cubemap and they fix.

I hope that phong isn’t that heavy as in modelviewer.

oh darn it, I was just about to try them out.

Ok fine, i’ll fix the envmap error and reupload, jeez guys :frowning:

I’ll let you know when it’s done, it could be tommorow sometime.

They look perfect in game, thanks Snood!

For those who are confused. Go to Materials>Subdir. Open all the VMTs in wordpad and delete the line containing env_cubemap.

Holy sheets snood! They are so awesome! :dance:

Now give us back the gold star rating to here garry! :argh:

Didn’t see this one coming.

This is awesome in a RAR.
Good work, Snood and Predaaator.