COD4 ultranationalists

i was wondering if anyone could port the ultranationalists from CoD4 I saw them in the cod4 counter strike mod and hoped someone could put them into garrys mod (and not shiny)


the mod:

I’m pretty sure you can just copy and paste the models and materials from the Counter Strike COD4 mod and you would have it in gmod.

yeah but when i do that the models turn out really shiny, and no one is willing to reuplaod the phong fix

sorry to be more specific i mean the opfor

On garry’s and somewhere in the releases thread there should still be a Middle-eastern pack, they aren’t ports from cod4 but they look just like the ultrnationalists

Edit: here you go, :smiley:

remove “$envmap” “env_cubemap”

from which files, the vmts?


Wow, I cant believe that worked, after all that, it was one line I had to delete. thanks! :smiley: