CoD4 Ultranationalists

i resoluted that i release this models
it’s my first headhack models
please use these and enjoy.

(Sniper Rifle not included)


Infinity Ward

Headhack, Rigging : tlsaudrl2548
Original Models : Superfrog

you may need Superfrog’s Russian Soldiers

have fun :smiley:

Download :

(I will release my Special Force model soon)

You sir deserve a medal!

thanks for the release bro

nice work they rule :3

do you know if anyone is doing the cod5 ragdolls?

they look schweet


bloocobalt has his wip thread in the models / skin section.
I can’t believe you’ve missed it.

Awesome, i’m downloading! You can never get enough of russians you know. :smiley:

Is Filefront being incredibly slow or cutting off half way through for anyone else?

FUCK YES! Can I see a picture of you special forces hack?

And dat sniper rifle.

Bloocobalt is. His thread is in the WIP section, you must be the Anne Frank of being blind if you missed it.
wait that’s inappropriate

go here :slight_smile:

Where on earth did you get that KSVK from? Only game I know of that has one is ArmA 2.


Epic been waiting for this I might release the alternate skin I have for these

Link doesn’t work :frowning: please reupload :frowning: :frowning:


Sorry. Filefront is now down.


:fuckoff: 2

ok thanks but i really want these :,(

I really want to reupload this
but I lost this file cause these Models are my first.