CoD4 USMC Variations Pack

So, we recently got us a bolstering of USMC thanks to those awesome guys who released the pack.

Now, we’re gonna get more.

20 New Variations!

  • And soon to be higher.

2 Skin Choices!

  • Possibly More.
    Full Faceposability.
    No annoying shading errors on gear(Still need to fix the normals)
    Soon to be fully movable heads(that’s right, no more lock-neck USMC.)

L2R - White Assault Trooper, Black Assault Trooper, White Auto Trooper, Black Auto Trooper, White Goggles Trooper, Black Goggles Trooper.

White Hydration Bladder Trooper, Black Hyd Blad Trooper, White Hyd Blad Goggles Trooper, Black Hyd Blad Goggles Trooper, White Hyd Blad NVG Trooper, Black Hyd Blad NVG Trooper, White NVG Trooper, Black NVG Trooper.

Back views of the Hyd Blad Troopers, in the same order as above.

The recent pack had these guys in. All I’ve done is recompiled them to Superfrog’s Materials instead of the “plususmc” materials, and I’ve removed the un-needed Thigh Extension on their left legs.

Auto Goggles Troopers(Same as the ones in the recent pack minus the Thigh Extentions)
Wearing Goggles Troopers(Guys wearing the goggles instead of having them on their helmets)
Vasquez Helmet Troopers(If the guy who did the recent pack puts them in, as they were missing).
Helmetless Troopers.


Taggart(Me) - Hacking, Recompiling.
Superfrog: Original USMC Ports.
chl0407: Recent Pack USMC Variants, porting of alot of the gear that’s being used.
Infinity Ward: Guess. Just guess.

If you guys have any other ideas for variations or if you have a good skin for the marines I can hex onto these guys, go ahead.

lookin sa-WEET

Ser bra ut Taggart, finns det någon möjlighet att göra en variation utan hjälm?

Yeah, I’ll get right on it.

Can I haz speshul rekueszt? Assault trooper with goggles and hydration pack.

Assault Trooper already has a Hydration Pack, but I’ll get the goggles on :3

The normalmaps are ported by me lolz. Me and chl0407 are friends.

Edit. omg, the normalmaps are different with another one. sorry :slight_smile:

ps. you still awesome, XD

It’s a breakthrough. Kneepad Variations for all the others coming up.


L2R - White Kneepads Trooper, Black Kneepads Trooper, White Kneepads Gogs Trooper, Black Kneepads Gogs Trooper, White Kneepads NVG Trooper, Black Kneepads NVG Trooper.


Woodland MARPAT skin for all variations complete.

Looks good.

Wait, do you have all the different variants on different models?

Yes, but I’m gonna experiment with bodygroups on a test model later, just incase it’ll work better.

You should definitely go with bodygroups. That way you could have only like 4 models instead of 20.

The only problem I have with bodygroups, as it stands, is the fact that I keep forgetting how to put it into the QC correctly as to make the optimal amount of groups =X

Yeah, I’m always telling Bloocobalt to use bodygroups n shit but he’s too lazy to learn it and has to do shitloads of models and rig each one.

Awesome :smiley:

Wait a minute… Are you swedish?

Nah, I can read some Swedish though. That I can’t read I translate =P

Any progress?

By the way, no plans for ACU camo?


And since there are only 2 heads (?) is there any chance we’ll get a balaclava trooper?

Someone can do a camo military of the left4dead please? :slight_smile: