CoD4 VIP Hostage

From the bonus level. He was supposed to have his tie nice and ragdolled, but it didn’t work and nobody could help me with it so I had to get rid of it.

PS: Detective P says his name is apparently Kriegler

Wham, jason278 made a nice playermodel.

Cool, now everyone can pretend they are terrorists :v:

Nah, jk. A lot of cool poses and comics could use this guy.

wow, this will be very useful for hostage screenshots.

Fucking amazing, great for poses

nice porting, dude

I Don’t remember him being in COD4, what level was it?

I don’t remember either. What mission?

The hostage in that bonus mission when you’re on that plane and have to do a free fall to escape.

Oh yea that mission, now I remember

What the shit there was a bonus mission?!?

His name’s Kriegler.

Good job Gib. Excellent work.

This reminds me, has a soldier wearing a gillie suit been ported yet?

A few I think.

Can you make a model with just the bag?

I think that this would be a cool hostage replacement for CSS, as the burlap sack obscuring all vision would explain the hostage’s horrendous pathfinding skills.

Funny, I got the SAME idea as a hostage replacement earlier today but not the bad eye sight stuff

Sounds like a plan.

I also made this earlier

I think I’d like to do a V2 without the bag and with the bag as a prop, but I don’t want to without making one with a ragdolled tie and I’ve had problems with that before.