COD4 - Woodland models

[tab]Name:[/tab]COD4 Wood Models pack [+newskin]


[tab]Description:[/tab]Call of duty4 woodland fingerposable models






is my first models pack Please do not blame me :smiley:

Oh wow!

Downloading fast as hell!

good good :wink:

thanks for release. those some nice useful ragdolls and models.

Awesome… thank you so much

HOLY SHIT! Thank you!
Captain Price and Gaz rock!

'bout time someone released COD4 Woodland SAS, great job

Get ready for a COD4 screenshots invasion (part 2)


Fuck yeah !

Ah wtf no Ghillie sniper :frowning:

Can I have your babies?

Yes! Nice job!

Fuck yeah

Are these hexed?

Awesome! And weapons too!

Also, do you do request?

I need on another link please.

Exactly what I was thinking :frowning:
But they’re great anyway! Nice job downloading now

Holy Javelin batman