COD4 Xmodel to Obj converter

Im currently trying to extract some vehicles from COD4 to obj to open in max, Ive searched the web and found Tom_Bmx Xmodel Utils, but it doesnt work when trying to export as OBJ, I just get errors. Is there any other way to get the models without using something like Ninja Ripper?

hi, are you sure you setup your xmodelutils correctly? i tryed the latest version 1.03 and it works fine with obj.

  1. make sure that you set your cod4 game folder correctly (xmodelutils wants root where “raw” folder is located)
  2. you might have to set an exception for xmodelutils in your antivirus.

anyway here is one more program that works with cod1, coduo, cod2, cod4, codwaw and codbo xmodels: xmodelexporter by diego logic: