COD6 ragdoll pack

I Was wondering if anyone could make a ragdoll pack of the characters from COD6, I Mean sure you can download them all from but a pack would have everything from the game in one download :slight_smile: And no i can’t make it because i don’t know how and i don’t have the game…(yet)

why dont you just play the actual game so you don’t contract poor-game2game-intergration-syndrome?
And im surprised someone hasn’t done this already; I’d suggest waiting like 2 mroe days and looking, and if its still not there, try again in two more days.

Why does everyone call Modern Warfare 2 Call of duty 6? I mean it isn’t in reality…

It is the 6th major CoD release though.

On-topic, there is an NPC pack available for download that contains the models, go search it on

Because i don’t have the game yet

Link I think that might have some.

Just the boat, paddle, and vest