Code Blue Gaming Awesome New DarkRp Server

Code Blue Gaming (-CB-) New Darkrp server!

Some stuff we have on our server:

Drugz,Phx,Wire,advanced duplicator,unbreakable,custom classes.

Custom Classes:

Arms Dealer - Replaced gun dealer with arms dealer.

Spiderman - Works with cops to keep the city free of crime.

Secret Agent - Works with the cops as well equipped with a magnum to look look like a total baddy.

Samurai - A samurai with a sword in his hand able to teach others the way of the sword and to become a samurai, he is able to buy katanas shipments for his training classes.

Ninja - A rival with the master samurai, he trys to find a way to be better than him.

Car Dealer - Sells cars to others to roam around this small map :P.

So yeah stop by our server and have a wonderful time!


make your own logo next time.

What a great way to set out your community, using someone elses logo just makes you look like a poor community that wants to get everything done with ease and without effort. That’s how I’m looking at it atleast, did I mention lazy?

Look I got this from my clan member I did not know it was from there.

Not lazy, The correct term is lethargic.

DarkRP: featuring characters from the HL2 universe, car dealers, ninjas and spiderman.

Oh god I cried.

So original! Oh sweet Rp_Downtown_V2 aswell!

Also this server being owned by a minge, who has been banned in most RP servers.

It’s a nice map, why are people so bothered by something just because it’s common?

Still, mingy mingeserver is mingy…

Looks nice, it may not appeal to me, but it will appeal to other people who are in to things like this and so therefore I will shut my mouth and not be an asshole to you.

Jesus would it kill you guys to be nice or just say nothing at all?

Yes, yes it would.
Also, no matter what you say, i have never in my whole life seen a server with a spiderman/ninja/wutevar job be succesfull, or atleast not good.

Not saying it is good, I’m saying there is an audience for that. Just because you don’t like something it doesn’t mean somebody else won’t. The world doesn’t revolve around your interests.

woah man this idea is so original!

samurais and ninjas!

I’m joining right now!

Where can I put the ip adres for joining the server?

If your console is up, enter:

You can also use the following link: