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We’re open the new and improved…

Hey there,

Yes, were back again and this time we’re even better than ever!

For those of you who have never heard of us, we are a small community of Garrysmod RPing people who just wanna Role-Play with out all the hatters

As a community we are much like others, we want the most out of everyone to enjoy the fun Rp.

We try to make decisions based upon players opinion and not what we want ourselves.

I do very hope you can come and help us by playing along.

I’ll be honest, we are preparing for a huge RDMing war with no respect of NLR, but we had admins standing by ready for it so be careful.



I know the Forums has .spruz at the end,but later on when we get enough people we will Update the forums so it wont have anything at the end.

Do you seriously expect us to join when all you say is: “Oh, hi, I have a server, join me”?
Please add more information, gametracker/game monitor and some screenshots.

No, I was not finished with everything I just wanted to put something out there as I finished it all, sorry.


somethings wrong?

This server is very fun :33 Played here last night and it was great. Will be back again :33

Do all your players use overused emoticons or is it just you. DarkRP is extremely hard to do right, since 99.99% of all DarkRP servers claim to be “grate rpe”

Grate srver with serius rp. :slight_smile:

No really, I black list every darkrp server. :slight_smile:

eh, i’m just like that.

Anyways the servers growing, so you all need to join!

I’ll use my hats no matter what you say :colbert:





Aced every-time I see you post, its something bad. Why are you mad that other people have servers.

He’s not mad that people have servers, he’s mad that all of them are the exact same. Be original. Stop adding retarded jobs, stop using PHX, stop adding retarded guns.

Let me ask you this, did you even join our server?

You mad?

I tell you the truth about your server and you ask me if I’m mad. Shows how good it is.

But it is good and you have never gotten on the server, so you cant really say anything about it.

When we are done setting up our RP( will take a while). It will be full of different aspects And I will post it here. So hate on it as you like.

you make servers look bad when you done have one, hahaha

That made absolutely no sense whatsoever.