Code for custom textures ?

Guys whats the code for the file that goes with your VTF, if anyone could give me one it would be much appriciated.

$basetexture mytextures(NAME OF TEXTURE, NOT IN BRACKETS)
$envmap env_cubemap
$surfaceprop brick


Goto valve wiki or somet for names of surface prop materials…this will set its sound and stuff.

Thanks jamzzster. :smug:

Or you could use VIDE to create vmts.

Naa, its fine. Got my textures.

VIDE has a mass vmt editor which is useful for making textures in large numbers, it’s for future reference, not necessarily now.

I don’t know how to use it,
but I will give it a try though.


Far too hard to use.
Im gonna stick to VTFedit for now.