Code for not being able to pickup a weapon

whats up guys i need help i have a defibrilator for my ttt server but i need to make it so that others can not pick it up but the traitor can drop it this is so innocents cannot revive innocents what i am asking is what is the code for this and where in the shared.lua does it go thanks

that’s a lovely run-on sentence you’ve got there

You seem to want some spoonfed code for your server rather than to learn anything.

Use the PlayerCanPickupWeapon hook. :downs: (Ironically one of the most self explanatory.)

if you dont have anything productive to say than dont say anything what do you think i am doing by asking the question Im “Learning” i have looked around trying to figure it out but couldnt so why are you being ignorant

I think it is wholly appropriate to point out the way you are making yourself appear, which if true would make you undeserving of our efforts.

and how is that because i asked for assistance in a forum where you ask for assistance

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this make it so that when you walk over it you cant pick it up but you can still pick it up with “e” how do you make it so that you cant pick it up with e or by walking over it ?

please guys i need help wit this


I’m not entirely sure if this still works, but did you take a look at this?

It does work I used it about a week ago.

What errors did you get and what was the entire code you tried?