Code for sweps

so, straight to the point, i’ve been trying to install sweps to my pointshop on my TTT server which uses TCadmin.
I’ve gone through multiple tutorials and i’ve tried multiple ways on my own, the guns show up in the Pointshop menu but when i buy them and equip them i dont actually get the weapon.

for the past 2 days i’ve been trying to add a M4A1 Hyper Beast from CSGO to the donator section in my pointshop.

i first uploaded the hyper beast folder into my Addons and then made a weapon_ttt_hyperbeast folder in garrysmod\gamemodes errortown\entities\entities
and inside the Hyperbeast folder is the Shared.lua
> (Shared.lua)

Then i went to my pointshop DonatorSection folder which is obviously for donator only, and created a file ‘’ hyperbeast.lua’’ and i put this in there

> (hyperbeast.lua)

Its a code for permanent weapons.

but no matter what i try i cant make it so that i actually get the gun when i equip it.
so could some lua genius take a look at this and help me out? :slight_smile:
if i missed something important that you need to see, tell me and i’ll upload it :slight_smile:

From my experience, TTT has been a pain in the ass when it comes to adding custom SWEPS. I’m pretty sure there’s a help index around the TTT page that guides you through the process of adding custom SWEPS.