Code from an external addon is somehow affecting Global Floats...

Hey guys. I’m using a global float in a hudpaint hook to determine whether a client should or shouldn’t draw a HUD element.

Here’s the problem:

When I left click with the Spacebuild 3 Link tool, my global float somehow gets set from 0 to 1, and the hud appears even though it isn’t supposed to.

Wtf? How is this even possible? The global float name is very unique.

Here’s the code from left clicking the tool… how is this happening?

EDIT: It’s not just setting one Global float to 0, it’s setting every global float i’ve made to zero. What the fuck?

EDIT2: I’ve isolated the line that is the problem.

Here it is:

[lua]CAF.GetAddon(“Resource Distribution”).Beam_add(self:GetEnt(1), trace.Entity, trace.Entity:WorldToLocal(trace.HitPos+trace.HitNormal))[/lua]

This, happens to call “Beam_add”.

This is that function:

[lua]function RD.Beam_add(sEnt, eEnt, beamVec)
–get how many beams there currently are
local iBeam = (sEnt:GetNWInt( “Beams” ) or 0) + 1

--send beam data
--clicked entity
sEnt:SetNWEntity( "BeamEnt" .. tostring(iBeam), eEnt )
--clicked local vector
sEnt:SetNWVector( "Beam" .. tostring(iBeam), beamVec or Vector(0, 0, 0) )
--how many beams (points)
sEnt:SetNWInt( "Beams", iBeam )


How is this disrupting my Global Floats? (SetGlobalFloat(“blahblah”, 3)