Anyone know of an alternative?

You have the lua files on your computer, just use GCFscape to look at them.

It wasn’t XSS protected.

I are lazy. I preferred the website.


YAY! my savior!

I made it forward to LuaBin - I hope foszor doesn’t mind!

The reason I took it down was because it was out of date and I know you guys would do a better job of maintaining one than me.

Nice garry.

Good thinking.

But is foszor’s always up to date?

It’s a lot more up to date than was.

Its starting to become outdated though. A lot of errors seem to pointing to lines that aren’t in foszors lua bin.

Oh wow, updating now.


No I don’t mind.

How much do those google ads pay per view? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve actually never made any money with them so I wouldn’t know.


I forgot those were there because I use AdBlock :stuck_out_tongue:


All up to date, and with a little program Jinto made I’ll be able to update it even easier… expect frequent updates.

That’s good news right there.

uh what is this getsatisfaction bullshit that replaced

It’s some weird new-age web2.0 customer service system. I guess it’s Garry committing to actually read bugs more than once a month.

Updated to recent patch.

Foszor, is it possible to fix the method/function redirects on there? They still redirect to the old wiki.

Totally, give me one sec.


Alright, updated.