Code help

this is my code im trying to make a thirdperson script for my server

hook.Add( “thirdp”, “kek”, function()
if (ply:KeyPressed( IN_ZOOM ) ) then
end )

i cant find out whats wrong with it and i want to find out how to make the key f4

Firstly, thirdp isn’t a hook that even exists by default. Secondly, concommand isn’t lowercase

The “thirdp” hook is most likely not called

Try this
hook.Add( “KeyPress”, “kek”, function( ply, key )
if ( key == IN_ZOOM ) then
ply:ConCommand( “simple_thirdperson_enable_toggle” )
end )

And you might wanna check this out
**[Hook Library Usage](**

didnt work probably cause of the kek part

Does this command exists?

Yes if he has the Simple Third person add-on from the workshop. This command is pretty useless as Simple Third person has a bind already unless you are changing that bind.

That’s the most deceptive title I’ve ever seen

You cant just make a thirdperson script by just typing the words “thirdperson” everywhere and expect the game to kiss your ass

It doesn’t even make it better that you are spelling functions wrong, and you haven’t set “ply”